Add songs to playlists

Depending if your playlist already contains songs or not you will see the following information about managing playlist content on the page or the list of already assigned songs.

To add songs to your playlist you can press the “Add songs” button (1).

After adding one or more songs this information and the button will be hidden and you will see your selected songs on the page.
Then you can use the Add button in the left side menu (2).

In both cases you will see a context menu with the following options:

(1) Insert songs from your collection
This function is only available if you already have added songs to your SongRepertoire collection. Selection this option allows you to insert existing songs by drag-and-drop.
Details: Manage playlist content

(2) Create a new song
If you already have your music sheets available in a supported format (PDF, text like chordpro etc. or image files) use this function to import these files.
It is also possible to use the camera of your device to take a picture and import it as new song.
You can also select blank templates (e.g. tab or note sheet) to write content with the pen of your device or open the integrated text editor to edit new text files.
At last you can also create a song based on a web link. This page is shown with the integrated web browser of SongRepertoire.

(3) Local SongRepertoire backup file
If you already have backup files of SongRepertoire songs (file extension .srssf) you can import them with this function.

(4) Import backup files from clipboard
This option is only shown if there are backup files of SongRepertoire songs (or also playlists) copied into the clipboard. The function imports valid song or playlist files into SongRepertoire.

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