SongRepertoire Pedal

Control SongRepertoire with pedals

Playing an instrument and want to scroll down your music sheet or move to the next song?

SongRepertoire provides about twenty functions (called HotKeys) you can control with external Bluetooth pedals. Using the settings in SongRepertoire it is as easy as possible to attach the function you want with your pedals. Simply pair the pedal with your device and open the HotKey-settings of SongRepertoire. Press the pedal and select the needed function. Done.

That way you cannot only turn pages of your music sheets. Use the pedal to control Auto-Scrolling or start the playback of your song. If you are a drummer and using a device like the Airturn Tap you can tap the tempo of the song using the SongRepertoire metronome and that way set the tempo of your songs.

If you want to find out more about pedals use the following links. My preferred vendors are Airturn and Coda Music Technologies.