Create Set-Lists

As soon as there are songs in your collection you can create multiple set lists for your gigs or bands. In SongRepertoire we call this a playlist. Simply use drag and drop to add songs to your list or to set the sort order.
On the playlist page you can switch between various sort order options, like your manual playlist sort order, title, interpret, tags or last change of the song data.
If needed you can structure your set lists by grouping your songs into blocks.
In SongRepertoire you can also enter or measure the length of a song. If this information is available you get the number of songs and the duration of your set list and of every block automatically.
When playing your set list you can mark songs as played while performing. In that case SongRepertoire also calculates the duration of the remaining songs.
Navigating between the songs of a setlist is also possible directly from the currently selected song. Navigating to the next or previous song in your list is also available via Bluetooth pedals.