Manage your songs

In SongRepertoire a song is not only one sheet of music. If you want to you can add multiple documents, links and playbacks to a song.

Currently you can work with PDF documents, images and text files.
If your device has a camera you can take pictures of music sheets directly from within the app.

For PDF pages and images you can use SongRepertoire to rotate or crop the documents content.

When working with text files you can use a internal editor to edit or create them. If it uses the ChordPro format SongRepertoire provides a transpose function to change the key and chords of the song.

In addition to the file types above you can also add web links to a song and open them in SongRepertoire or optionally in an external web browser.

If you want to add playbacks to your song simply select your mp3 files or use any of the available microphones of your device to record songs on the fly.

You can add bookmarks to positions within your music sheets and use them for direct navigation in your song. If there is a Bluetooth pedal connected to your device you can use it to control these bookmarks.

The song page also provides an integrated metronome with visual and audio feedback.