SongRepertoire is a Windows App that helps you to manage your music sheets, playbacks and set lists.

When starting SongRepertoire it asks you to allow the use some functions on your device:

  • Camera
    Needed for adding a music sheet by taking a picture (SongPage).
  • Microphone
    Needed to record audio from within SongRepertoire (SongPage).
  • Your user data
    Needed to get the current user name and write it into the change log of your songs (“last change by”).
    Optional used when sending logging data in case of a crash to the AppCenter portal.

Some app settings are stored using the Windows roaming settings API.

We do not log or collect any of these information.

If the app may crash Microsoft may collect trace log information and provides it to us. This functionality depends on the Windows system settings of your devices.

This information is transfered to the portal of AppCenter ( The data includes the user that is currently logged in to your Windows device. Typically this is a Windows user account defined by an email address. This allows us to contact you if we are trying to analyse and identify the reasons for such a software crash. By accepting the license agreement you also accept this proceeding of storing this information described above and to contact you if required.