• Beta-Release 34 (10.5.3)

    Extended Timeline for playbacks

    New timeline for audio files including markers and variable repeats and loops.

    Screenshot Timeline Playback

    Find more details here…

    Also using new Windows audio functions for better performance on playbacks.

    Bulk export of music sheets

    It is now possible to export the music sheets of all or multiple selected songs of a playlist to local PDF documents.
    Due to technical limitations in font handling the quality of exported text or ChordPro files may be reduced.

    SongRepertoire Usability Survey 2020

    Thanks a lot, to all of you who attended the SongRepertoire Usability Survey 2020.
    I am currently analyzing the results and answers.

    The Raffle will take place within the next days and I will be incredibly happy to contact the winner!

    License management

    There are some issues with the Microsoft Store license management. To better handle licensing in future your license information is saved to a central SongRepertoire license database.

    This may lead to a longer startup time. In my environment with mobile internet access less than one second.


    With the previous update I added a function to collect App-Analytics data to better understand how you are using SongRepertoire. With this update it is possible to remotely start and stop the collection of usage data.

    As before I do not collect any personal information (like contact data, names of songs, playback files etc.

    You can generally turn off App-Analytics on the general settings page of SongRepertoire:

    Settings - App-Analytics

    Minor fixes

    • The size of the song-loading-bar on the bottom of the screen has been minimized.
    • Unwanted automatic start of playbacks has been fixed.
  • Beta-Release 28 to 30 (9.3.2, 9.3.3, 9.3.4)

    Crash on startup fixed

    If you used a favorites list but no playlists, SongRepertoire crashed at startup.
    Bug has been fixed.

    SongRepertoire Usability Survey 2020

    When you start SongRepertoire after the update you will be asked to answer a few questions from the SongRepertoire Usability Survey 2020. By investing about 5 minutes you are giving us valuable information, how we can improve the usability of SongRepertoire.
    And you can participate in our raffle and win an exclusive wooden belt buckle designed for musicians.


    Starting with this release, from time to time we will collect a few metrics. This includes information about how you use SongRepertoire. We want to find out what are the most used functions and how our users are typically navigating through SongRepertoire.
    The data is anonymized, we do not collect any information about your specific contents, and we do not use this information for any other purposes.
    If you do not want us to collect this information you can opt-out anytime on the settings page of SongRepertoire.

    New HotKey

    Added a new HotKey to start/pause Playbacks.


    In the toolbar there is a new function to insert blank lines to the whole document or to the selected text.

    Export ChordPro or text content to PDF

    If the song page uses the dark scheme avoid the dark background when exporting the music sheet to a PDF document.

    Minor UI fixes

    If delete mode is activated for annotations on the song page and you are selecting the next song change annotation mode to pen and automatically disable mouse and touch inputs for annotations.

    If selection mode is activated for annotations on the song page disable swiping to next or prev song.

    Initial loading of your latest used colors for annotations fixed.