Audio player – edit time marker

It is now possible to manually enter the position of a time marker on the extended timeline.

To do this, place a time marker on the timeline and open the editing dialog with a right-click or tap&hold. There you can now enter the exact position.

PDF viewer – one page PDF file in two page view

When setting the PDF viewer to the two-page view and displaying a PDF that has only one page, this page is now centered instead of being displayed on the left side of the screen.

Playlist – set contents on export

When a playlist is exported as a text file or copied to the clipboard as text, it is now possible to select which content should be exported in addition to the song title and artist. Possible options are the duration and the number of songs in the playlist and in each block, as well as the tempo and the key for each song.

Song page – display tempo also in milliseconds

The song page now additionally displays the tempo of bpm converted to milliseconds. This value can be used e.g. as a parameter for the settings of effect pedals like chorus.

Song page – HotKey and automatic ( incorrect ) scrolling downwards

If you clicked the ‘Next Song’ button on the song page to go to the next song and triggered a HotKey with the key value ‘Enter’ and e.g. function ‘Start Playback’ or ‘Start Auto-Scrolling’, the song automatically scrolled down one page.

This error has been fixed.

Transposing songs with sharp and flat chords

Transposing chord sheets in which both sharp and flat chords occurred previously ignored the flat keys.

This error has been fixed.

Setting the font colors in dark mode

If you set the font colors for the ChordPro or text viewer for the dark mode, these values were not saved.

This error has been fixed.

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