Older Updates

Release 34 (3.3.57)


When viewing PDF files with multiple pages and different size of the pages in multi-page view the page size gets adopted separately for every page.


PDF-Viewer was not handling “ignore last music sheet position” property.

Release 33 (3.3.56)


Bookmarks not working or causing crash when selected with hotkey – fixed.

Conversion of large PDF files (more than 124 pages) with annotations causes hang – fixed.

Major Update! – Release 32 (

Improved PDF viewer

Automatic scaling to full screen with one page or two pages including optional cover page. Via settings you can define different views for portrait or landscape orientation of your device. You can also save specific viewer settings for single music sheets.

The loading of multi page PDF files should be much faster now. Pages are rendered only when they get shown to the user.

It is also possible to define if the scrolling for multi page PDF files is vertical or horizontal. And you can define via the settings that the animation when changing pages is disabled.

Attention! If you want to exchange music sheets based on PDF files with annotations from SongRepertoire with the Windows 8.1 version of SongRepertoire you should not activate the new PDF viewer.
Due to the changes the annotation handling needed to be redesigned and because of technical limitations it is not available in Windows 8.1!


The annotations look and feel has been changed to better match the Windows 10 handling. There are now presets for pen and marker and you now can activate the eraser from the annotation panel.
Annotations now also supporting undo and redo functions.

As soon as you are getting the pen near to your device the scrolling buttons are faded out immediately.

PDF export

You now can export all types of music sheets to PDF files. This export also includes the annotations done in SongRepertoire.
Due to different fonts and automatic text wrapping the annotations are NOT exported when saving text-files in PDF format because it is not sure that the position is correct.

Song page

Via the settings you can hide the buttons for scrolling up and down and the auto scrolling button. These buttons are also moved to the right side of the song page for better usability.

Showing the song list on the song page is now controled by another new button directly on the page. You do not need to open the side menu anymore.
There is also a new setting to define if this button is visible or hidden and if the song list is show automatically or not.

The layout of the auto-scrolling button has been changed for a better usability.

Image viewer

When adding an image as music sheet it will now automatically be scaled to full screen size.

Text viewer

Automatically hide the ChordPro directives and metadata from the text.

Via the settings you can now define the font and color of lyrics and chord symbols.

Chord files on song page

You now can changed the sort order of your chord files with drag and drop.

There is also a new function to copy an existing chord file as new chord file for the song.

It is also possible to copy the content of music sheet based on text files directly to the clipboard.


When adding a HotKey to scroll down or up you can now define if the automatic navigation to the next or previous song is active or not.

There are two new functions to automatically scroll a full page up or down.


When adding existing songs to a playlist you can define if already assigned songs are visible, grayed out or hidden.

There is a new function to copy existing playlists to new ones.

You now can copy the information of the current playlist (songs and interprets) either to a text file or directly to the clipboard. These functions are now available via the side menu of the playlist page (In the past the export to text files was some kind of hidden feature).

Via the side menu of a playlist, of the all songs page or the playlist overview page you can define the currently selected page as the default page for startup. In the past this was only available via the settings of SongRepertoire.

When starting the semantic zoom on a playlist the buttons for the letters are now shown in a grid instead of a list for better usability.


Via the settings of SongRepertoire you now can disable the complete OneDrive access.

The layout of the settings pages has been changed. Also there is a new separate page for the settings of the song page.


As there are some problems with the internal audio player it is now possible to use an external player instead. This is defined via the settings of SongRepertoire.


You can open the Feedback-Hub of Microsoft for better exchange with the SongRepertoire team directly from the app.


There was a crash when reordering the songs in a playlist with many items. Fixed.

It was possible to import chord-pro files with a specific extension but they were not shown in the song page. Fixed

Various UI fixes like size of legal notices dialog, playlist items, semantic zoom on playlist page, templates for note and tab sheets has been adopted to 4:3 layout, …
Saving the last modification date.
Import of SongRepertoire export file caused by double click in the Windows explorer.
Translation to german labels for buttons in the side menu.

Major Update! – Release 26 (

Complete technical redesign as native Windows 10 app.

In addition to the refactoring in the background also the UI has been changed to better meet the Windows 10 design styles.

Minor UI change in full-screen-mode

When you start the song-page in full-screen-mode the side-menu is now minimized to a small semi-transparent button on the top left corner of the page.

Access to SongRepertoire options.

You can access the options panel now via the side-menus of the various pages. Also the UI of the options panel has been changed.

Support of m4a audio-files for playback.

You now can also add m4a, aac and wma audio files to a song. Due to limitations of the Windows media control some of them may not be played due to encodings not supported by Microsoft.


The port to a native Windows 10 app also fixes the Microsoft bug of the Windows 10 1511 update. This bug destroyed the sorting functionality of playlists.

Release 25 (

Song-Page in full-screen mode

When you are in full-screen mode the side-menu gets minimized. When you open it and select next or previous song the side-menu now gets automatically minimized again.


When trying to add a new chord file by using the music sheet or tab templates the app crashed. Bug has been fixed.

Importing text files with special characters (e.g. in German) was not possible. You now can import the file and view it, but you need to manually replace the special characters in the chord file editor of SongRepertoire.

When exporting a SongRepertoire chord file as plain text the optional 2-line export sometimes created an empty text file. Bug has been fixed.

When you edited song properties including a value in the tags field and pressed enter on this field the tag property was not saved correctly. Bug has been fixed.

Release 24 (

New sort order option for song lists

In addition to the existing sort order options you now can also sort song lists by the tags of the songs.


Saving modified sort order of playlists has not worked correctly. Bug has been fixed.

Crash of the app when trying to export songs with invalid characters in title or interpret names.

Setting a specific playlist as entry point when starting the app has not worked. Bug has been fixed.

Release 22 (

Reactivate playback buttons directly on song-page

The buttons to control the playback files of a song are now re-located on the song-page.

UI improvements

Based on the available space the song-lists are using different styles and layouts.

Fontsize for song titles has been increased, visibility of background image is reduced.

Improved log-file support

There is now an improved log-file support to better locate specific problems like app crashes.

Major Update! – Release 22 (

Windows 10 Look and Feel

The UI has been changed to a more Windows 10 like look and feel.
Functions has been moved to a side-menu bar, old top and bottom app bars has been removed. This affects especially chord and audio files on the song page. They are now also placed in the pages side menu.
While in previous releases lists (songs overview, playlists) had a horizontal orientation based on Windows 8 design guidelines, in the new release the lists are structured vertical according to Windows 10 styles.


It is now possible to add bookmarks to a song.
This means that you can store the selected chord file, the current position and zoom-level within a bookmark. Use navigation functions to go from one bookmark to another.
Navigation is also supported via HotKeys and therefor also bluetooth pedals.

Direct Annotations

In the past you needed to activate annotations via a button in the bottom app bar to use a stylus on the song page.
Annotations with a pen are now automatically active as soon as you are using the sylus.

Sort songs by interpret and last modification date

You now can set the sort order in the All my songs page and the playlist pages also to the interpret or the last modification date.

Songlist on song page

It is possible to activate a small overview of the songs of the selected playlist directly on the song page.

Edit title of chord and audio files

It is now possible to change the title of added chord and audio files via their context menu.

Doubletap to zoom chord file

By doubletapping the song page it is possible to zoom the current chord file to fit the page height or width.
SongRepertoire now selects the zoom mode (page-height or -width) depending on the orientation of the device.
There was also a bug that the page was not fully zoomed, the chord file was slightly to large. This bug has been fixed.

Multiselect in playlist page

Selection of multiple files was previously only possible in the ‘All my Songs’ page.
This feature is now also available in the playlist pages.
You can use it to remove multiple files from a playlist or change song properties like interpret or tags.

Same song multiple times within a playlist

There was a problem with navigation when the same song has been added multiple times to a playlist.
This is now possible.

Auto-scrolling tempo

The range of the Auto-scrolling tempo has been increased. Slower scrolling is now possible.
Attention: It may be necessary to adopt the currently stored scrolling tempo in existing songs!

UI problem with chord-pro format

Sometimes chord files has not been displayed correctly. The beginning of lines were visible two times without correct display of chord symobls.
This bug has been fixed.

Release 21 (

New setting for full-screen-mode on song-page

There is a new setting to start the song-page automatically in full-screen-mode
Also the buttons to go back, previous song and next song are now visible in full-screen-mode


Pressing the scroll-down button on the song-page did not move to the next song if the end of the chord file has been reached. Same bug for the scroll-up button.
Bug has been fixed

Release 20 (

Edit and delete of multiple songs

You can now select multiple songs on the “AllMySongs” page and edit the interpret or the tags in one step.
You can also delete multiple selected songs from SongRepertoire.
Multi-select is not yet available on the playlist pages!

PageUp/PageDown buttons

There is a new setting that allows you to define the percentage of scrolling for the PageUp/PageDown buttons on the song page.

Import existing files again

If you are importing existing external files (like pdf or jpg) and files with the same name are already assigned to a song in SongRepertoire you now can decide if you want to create a new song or overwrite the existing file in SongRepertoire

Select all function when adding songs to playlist

There are two functions for select all and deselect all when adding existing songs to a playlist.
This also supports filtering of songs.

Export chord files as plain text

If you are working with chord files based on pure text (not pdf or jpg) you now can export them as text files
When doing so you can decide if you want to export them in the ChordPro similar style or in the more common two-line style (with chord symbols in an extra line above the text).

BottomAppBar on song page

On smaller devices or in portrait mode the bottom app bar of the song page was to small to show all functions.
Now you can use horizontal scrolling.

Bugfix – Doubleclick export file

When you are doubleclicking a SongRepertoire export file within the Windows file explorer SongRepertoire crashed when trying to import the song. This bug has been fixed.

Minor bugfixes and UI improvements

Release 19 (

Position of song list

When selecting a song from a playlist or the all songs page and going back from the song page the list of songs typically moved to the first position. This has been changed. Now you are always back on the previous position.

Various bugfixes

When opening a song with a pdf file the song page showed the content two times.
Bug has been fixed.

There was a problem when editing a chord-file content or the properties of a song and pressing a key that was also assigned to a HotKey. If could have happened that in the background another song was selected while the editor was visible and the modified data was saved to this wrong song.
Bug has been fixed

Release 18 (

Metronome on song page

By using the bottom App-Bar on the song page you now can activate a simple metronome.
Rhythm, tempo and volume is stored to the currently selected song.
There is also some kind of visual pulse on the screen to indicate the beats.

Tags for songs

It is now possible to add tags to a song. These tags are also used in the search and filter functions and should make it easier to find appropriate songs within your collection.

Scroll-up and -down buttons on song page – look and feel

When you scrolled to the end of a chord file and again pressed the scroll-down button, SongRepertoire loads the next song in your playlist.
To better visualize this different behaviour the color of the button changes and an additional label ‘next song’ is shown.
The same logic is implemented when you are at the top of a chord file and you are pressing the scroll-up button.
Also the size of the scroll-up and -down buttons have been increased to make it easier to touch them while you are playing.

Scroll-up and -down buttons on song page – visibility

The buttons to scroll up and down within a chord file are now always visible. Before this release they have only been shown when the chord file is longer and scrolling is enabled.
This change allows you now to use these buttons to go to the next and previous song also when you have a smaller or even no chord file.
Also both buttons are now getting hidden when the annotation function is activated on the song page.


To find bugs easier we added a logger to SongRepertoire. You can start and stop it via the app-settings panel.
Please do only activate it, if we are asking you to do so, because it needs more resources of the device and decreases speed.

Search function on playlist page

In a previous release we added the search function to the playlist page. This allows you to filter the songs in the selected playlist.
When such a filter is active we now disabled the option to change the sort order of playlists.
Also the filter is cleared as soon as you are making changes to the playlist or songs of the playlist.

Reorder of songs on playlist page

There was a bug in the previous release of SongRepertoire. When changing the order of songs in a playlist, closing the playlist and reopen it again, the old sort order was shown.
When closing SongRepertoire and restarting it, the correct new sort order was shown.
This bug has been fixed.

Release 17 (

New HotKeys

There are additional HotKeys available in SongRepertoire:
Start/stop Auto-Scrolling.
Increase or decrease the Auto-Scrolling speed.
So you now can also control the Auto-Scrolling features with your pedals.

New behaviour when scrolling reaches the end of a chord file

Currently you can use the scroll up/down buttons on a larger chord file or HotKeys to scroll up or down.
The new release changes the behaviour when you are already on the end of a chord file and trying to scroll down or when you are at the beginning and try to scroll up.
In that case SongRepertoire automatically opens the next or previous song.
This feature is not available when Auto-Scrolling reaches the end or when you are scrolling up/down manually with the swipe gesture.

New settings for chord-viewer

By using the settings panel of SongRepertoire you now can set a different font for the chord viewer.
The definition of fonts is only supported for plain text-files, not for PDF files.

Release 16 (

Bugfix – Search on song page

When you are using the search function on the song page and then pressing the previous/next song button pdf-content sometimes get mixed up. You eventually see the first page of the previous document and then the content of the selected song.
This bug has been fixed.

Release 15 (

Search/Filter function on additional pages

With the previous release we added a search or filter function to various pages of SongRepertoire where you can see all available songs.
With the latest release we added this feature also to the page showing the items of a selected playlist. Using it there SongRepertoire filters the visible songs of the playlist based on the terms you entered into the search text box.
And we added the search function to the song page itself. Using the function there opens a list showing you all songs matching the criteria. You can select one of the songs to get immediately there. But it does not affect the functionality of the next-song or previous-song buttons. This means that you can switch to another song – even if not in your playlist – but when you go on to the next song the content and sort order of your playlist is used.

Zoom PDF and images to screen size

When SongRepertoire displays a PDF file or an image and you double-tap it, SongRepertoire automatically resizes it to the full width of your device. With a second double-tap it resizes it to the full height of your device.

Scroll page up or down

We added two buttons to the top and bottom of the song page. By selecting them you are scrolling one page up or down in the visible document. The buttons are only visible when the document is larger than the visible area of SongRepertoire.

Store last position of chord files

When you are manually scrolling down or up in a songs chord file SongRepertoire saves the last position. When you open the song again it automatically repositions the chord file to this position.
Within the settings panel of SongRepertoire there is a new option that allows you to disable this feature. This means that every chord is opened on the top position.
In addition we fixed a bug regarding to hotkeys for scrolling up or down and saving the chord file position. In the previous version the scrolling of chord files with hotkeys or pedals also changed the saved chord file position. This means that for example when you were scrolling down a chord file by using a pedal and you were opening the same song later or in your next gig SongRepertoire showed the wrong (scrolled down) position.
We fixed this bug. Scrolling up or down with hotkeys or pedals does not affect the saved last position of a chord file.

Release 14 (

Search/Filter function

On the All Songs page, the dialog to add existing files to a playlist and the dialog to download files from OneDrive we added a search button on the top, right corner.
When clicking the button you can enter a filter text into the search-box field.
SongRepertoire filters the list of visible songs and shows only these with the title or interpret containing the filter text.

Size of song tiles

When you have a lot of songs in SongRepertoire or in your playlists the default size of the song tiles in the lists are reducing usability.
So we added a new parameter ‘Tile-Size’ in the settings panel of SongRepertoire.
By activating the ‘Use small tiles’ option the lists are using smaller tiles for the songs. So you get much more songs onto one page.

Release 13 (

Import external files

It is now possible to import external files immediately when adding a new song.
It is also possible to import a list of external files and create one song per file in SongRepertoire.

Usability improvements

The dialogs to create playlists and songs has been modified to make the handling easier and more straight forward.
In addition more explanations has been added.

Semantic zoom on playlist page

With the last release we added the possibility to create playlist groups.
Now we also added semantic zoom to make the navigation between these groups faster.

Bugfix fast scrolling between songs

When you have multiple songs with PDF files and you scroll between these songs very fast, the content has become mixed up in the PDF viewer.
This bug is fixed.

Release 12 (

Grouping for playlists

If you are managing various playlists you may want to group them for better clarity.
You can now create groups on the playlist overview page and organize your playlists by dragging them into the proper group.

Various minor usability improvements

When adding a new song the dialog where you can decide what to do next (add chord file or add audio file) is not used anymore.
Instead the song page is opened and the top app bar is automatically opened.

Bugfix length of file name

When adding existing chord or audio files there is a windows limitation to the length of the filename.
If the name is too long the app restarts.
This bug is fixed.

Control SongRepertoire Hands Free by using AirTurn Pedals

Connect your AirTurn pedal with your tablet with Bluetooth.
Within SongRepertoire you can assign the needed functionality.
Scroll up or down through the selected music sheet, switch between the songs in your playlist or start and stop the actual playback.
Everything Hands Free!

Release 11 (

Position of playback panel depending on screen size

Depending on the available size of the SongRepertoire window the playback buttons are now positioned at the right side (as before) or at the bottom of the song page.
This gives your chord files more room, for example in portrait mode.

Bugfix HotKeys and PDF files

When you selected a song and the visible chord file was a PDF file the Auto-Scrolling feature as well as the HotKeys were only working when you tapped the screen.
This bug has been fixed.

Release 10 (

Minor UI improvements

The position of the popup to add or edit HotKey definitions has been modified for better usability.

Release 9 (

HotKeys for connecting external controller

It is now possible to control chord file scrolling, the selection of the next or previous song or playbacks via HotKeys. So from now on you can use pedals (like for example the AirTurn) with SongRepertoire.
As user you can configure the HotKeys via the settings charm of SongRepertoire. There you can add multiple HotKeys. Simply press the button you want to use (the pedal of the connected device or controller or a key on your keyboard) and select the function of SongRepertoire.
At the moment you can scroll up or down and define the amount of the scrolling. You can select the next or previous song. Or you can start, pause and stop the selected playback.
All HotKey settings are saved on the specific device. So if you are using SongRepertoire on multiple devices you must handle the settings on all of them.

As default the following HotKeys are defined:
Cursor-Left … Scroll up 95% of the page (so almost a full page)
Cursor-Right … Scroll down 95% of the page
Page-Up … Scroll up 50% of the page (a half page)
Page-Down … Scroll down 50% of the page

Access settings panel directly from song page

As the charms area and the settings charm is not totally clear to all Windows users we added a function “Settings” in the bottom app bar of the song page.
So you now can start the settings panel – or the new HotKey definition panel – directly from the song page.

Release 8

Backup song files

In previous versions it was possible to backup your songs to your OneDrive account. With release 8 of SongRepertoire you now also can backup them to local drives or USB sticks etc.
It is also possible to backup the content of whole playlists or all songs.
Therefore there has been a few changes in the user interface of SongRepertoire:
In the bottom app bar of the song page, the playlist pages and the All-Songs page you find a function to backup your songs. This opens another small popup where you decide if you want to export them to your OneDrive account or if you want to backup them to a local drive.
When this function is called from a playlist page all songs of the playlist are exported. The export of playlist data itself is currently not yet supported.
The performance has also been improved as the song data is compressed into one single SongRepertoire export file.

Share song files

The backup function exports all content of the selected songs.
When you are sharing songs with your friends you may want to exclude various content from a song (for example due to copyright issues or because it also includes training material from yourself).
You can start the share function from the bottom app bar of the song page.
An additional dialog will popup that allows you to select the content of the export file.

Restore and import song files

You can use the files you have created via backup or share to add your songs to other devices or even to share them with your friends.
To do so select the “add song” function from the bottom app bar of the playlist page. In the following dialog you have the option to download a song from OneDrive or to import a local file.
SongRepertoire has also assigned a special new file-type for the exported songs. If you are opening these files with the Windows Explorer or maybe as attachment of an e-mail SongRepertoire will startup. In the opened dialog you can decide if you want to import the songs.

Legal notice

As SongRepertoire now supports some kind of sharing it was necessary to add a legal notice about copyright issues when the app is starting.
You need to accept this to use export and import functions.
But we want to clarify that we do not log any of the content your are working with!

Import content of Word files into chord editor

You maybe have various chord files available as word files. Unfortunately it is not possible to add a Word file directly into SongRepertoire.
But the chord file editor has been extended to handle also content copied from Word.
So what you can do – as workaround – is to open your music sheets in Word, copy the content and paste it in the SongRepertoire chord file editor.
You can also use this copy and paste feature to add chord file content from web pages.

Various improvements and fixes

Automatically start annotation mode when you are creating a new note or tab sheet.
Showing update informations on startup of the app.
Handling of enter and escape keys in the dialogs.
Fixed some minor UI bugs when adding songs to an empty playlist.

Release 7


It is now possible to write or draw on chord files also with touch. Prior to release 7 this was only possible with a stylus or a mouse.
You also have additional options for annotations. It is now possible to define their transparency. So you can also use it as some kind of marker.
Therefor the user interface has been slightly modified. If you want to add annotations you need to open the bottom app bar on the song page and turn annotations on.
To write or draw with touch you need to activate touch input on the new annotation panel that will then become visible on the right side of the song page. If touch is enabled currently page zooming and navigation is disabled.

Downloads from OneNote

The performance for downloading backuped songs from your OneDrive account has been improved.

Release 6

Minor bug fixes

We fixed a few minor bugs in the user interface.

Release 5

Supporting PDF files

When adding chord files to a song you now can also import existing PDF files.
Modification is not possible, but you can use annotations to add content.

Release 4

Windows lock screen

Especially at the song page it makes sense to disable the lock screen of Windows.
With release 4 we added a new option in the settings.
Simply open the settings charm of SongRepertoire (by using the Windows charms bar). Then open the settings panel. There you will find the “Windows Lockscreen” option. You can choose between ‘enabled, ‘always disabled’ and ‘disabled only on song page’.
‘enabled’ is the default behavior. The lock screen is active on all pages of SongRepertoire. ‘always disabled’ turns the lock screen off, as long as the SongRepertoire is running. ‘disabled on song page’ turns the lock screen off only on the song page. So when you are playing you will get no interruption. But outside the song page the power saving of the windows lock screen is active.

Chord file editor

When using the integrated chord file editor of SongRepertoire you have a panel on the right that allows you to simply add chord symbols.
With release 4 you now have an additional button that adds bar-lines into the song text.

Auto-Scrolling and Zoom

We fixed a bug on the Auto-Scrolling feature. The scrolling speed is now linked with the selected zoom factor of the chord file.

Minor UI improvements

A few minor improvements regarding the usability of SongRepertoire. For example the layout of the OneDrive song list or the size of the Auto-Scrolling button.

Release 3

Text wrapping

You can now turn on automatic text wrapping and therefore avoid horizontal scrolling.
This feature is only supported with chord files in the SongRepertoire chord format (similar to chord-pro).

Trial mode

The trial mode of SongRepertoire has been activated.
This limits the usage of SongRepertoire to a total of five song files.

When adding chord files to a song you now can also import existing PDF files.

Modification is not possible, but you can use annotations to add content.

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