Release 35 (3.3.77)

Sheet viewer for plain text

Chord symbols above lyrics

With this release it is possible to define if the chord-symbols of chord files based on chord-pro-format are shown in lyrics or above the lyrics in a separate line.

Font settings for text files

You can now define different fonts, size and colors for lyrics and chord symbols in the text viewer.

Sheet viewer for PDF files


Navigation through multi-page PDF documents in paged-view was very poor on some devices.
The PDF viewer now saves every viewed page additionally as single jpg file in the song folder. This is done the first time a page gets visible. The next time SongRepertoire will open the jpg file instead of accessing the page in the pdf-file for much better performance.

Usability improvements

Handling of creating songs changed

When adding a song, you can now immediately select if you want to import existing files, restore backups, take a picture, …
(Previously the Add-Song-Dialog was opened and then you had these options in a different way.)

Assign Song directly to a Playlist

There is a new function in the left side menu of the Song-Page to assign the song directly to a Playlist.

Change font size of Playlist items

On the playlist pages, there is a new function in the side menu to define the font size in the playlists.

Select background image

Via the app settings you can now select from various background images, use one of your own images or disable it completely.

Clarity in side menues

Some of the functions in the left side menu – like for example add song to playlist – are now shown as a context menu. This reduces the number of elements shown in the side menues and improves usability.


If the battery status of your device goes below 10% a battery indicator is shown in SongRepertoire.

Performance playlist page

The visualization of playlists has been changed for better performance and usability.

Local log files for debugging

SongRepertoire contains a functionality to create local log files for debugging issues. If it is enabled this will slow down SongRepertoire because the collected data is written into local files.
An indicator in the title area of SongRepertoire now shows if the local debugger is enabled.
If it is visible you can stop debbuging by right-clicking the indicator.

Import existing files

When importing existing music sheets (like pdf or txt) SongRepertoire checks if the same file is already assigned to one or more songs of SongRepertoire.
The dialog that shows these songs now also displays the tags.


New function

There is a new function available to start Auto-Scrolling and playbacks within one step.

HotKey delay

Some users had a problem with pedals. It seems that they are sending the pedal signal two times when the pedal gets pressed.
As some kind of workaround you can now define a HotKey delay in the HotKey settings. If a key is sent a second time within this defined time it is ignored by SongRepertoire.


Sometimes SongRepertoire shows a busy indicator (e.g. when saving song data to the local files or navigating to the next song). After the busy indicator was shown you were not able to select functions of SongRepertoire for about one second. Fixed.

SongRepertoire crashed sometimes when closing a PDF page with annotations. The reason is that the length of file names in Windows is limited. If the file name of the PDF file is very long this caused the crash. SongRepertoire now limits the length of these files.

Crash while reordering songs in long playlists fixed.

Crash when changing PDF-viewer options on Song-Page fixed.

Sometimes pasting clipboard content to the chord-editor caused a crash. Fixed.

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