Release 40 (3.4.4)

Duration of songs

You can now enter the duration of a song on the update dialog or directly on the song page. Or you can also use a tool to measure it while playing.

Grouping setlists with blocks

You can now use blocks to better organize your playlist. The block also shows you its total number of songs and the duration of the songs.

Navigation mode for songs with multiple files

There is a new option in the settings of SongRepertoire that allows you to define the next/previous song navigation mode. By default, the next or previous song in the playlist gets shown. With the new option, you can define that SongRepertoire first navigates through all single music sheets of the current song.

Metronome redesign

The metronome was completely redesigned. Based on the settings of SongRepertoire it is now visible as small round button on the right side of the song page. When started the button zooms up a little bit and shows the flashlight as well as plays one of two available sound types. There is also a new option to stop the metronome automatically after a defined number of ticks.
You can edit the tempo and rhythm of the song directly on the metronome button and on the update song page.
To ‘enter’ the tempo there is also a new option to tap the tempo directly within SongRepertoire.

Hotkeys for metronome

There is also a new HotKey function that starts and stops the metronome. Based on the visibility settings of the metronome on the song page it also gets shown and hidden.
For drummers there is another HotKey function that allows you to start the ‘config’ dialog of the metronome. Then you can tap the tempo (e.g. in combination with the Airturn TAP) and save it to the song.

Next song on song page

Defined by an option in the settings you can now display the title and interpret of the next song on the bottom of the song page.

Insert songs in playlists

Using the context menu, you can now add songs to a playlist underneath the currently selected song.

Playbacks ‘hiccup’

There was an error while playing audio files directly from SongRepertoire. Caused some kind of ‘hiccups’ while playing.
Problem fixed.

Shortcuts for undo and redo of ink

Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y are now supported to undo and redo ink. In combination with external tools (e.g. AutoHotKey) you could configure your Surface pen in a way that the button calls these shortcuts.
Many thanks to Ric Tucker for these inputs!

Missing internet connection

With the latest Windows updates it seems that accessing the Windows Store license check as well as trying to get the user name from Windows Live sometimes causes a crash when no internet connection is available. Typically these problems should be handled by the Microsoft API´s.
To somehow fix the problem the functions SongRepertoire now checks if an Internet connection is available. If not the functions are not called.

Text files and annotations

Changing the default font of SongRepertoire always effected all current text documents. It there are annotations on the pages the chance is very high that they are on wrong positions due to different font sizes.
SongRepertoire now saves the font settings to the music sheet. If annotations available it uses these saved settings. Without annotations it uses the actual font settings.

PDF export

Exporting text files to PDF now supports the two-line display option of chord-pro files (chord symbols above the lyrics). The PDF file gets the same layout as seen in SongRepertoire.
Due to a limitation of Windows Store apps it is not possible to use all installed fonts within the created PDF file. As some kind of first workaround a few more fonts are added to SongRepertoire to support better exports.

Various improvements

New function in the side menu of the playlist items page and the song page to navigate back.

For better usability the sub-functions on the side menus are moved to popup menus.

Context menus are showing additional description of the functions. There is now also an option to hide this additional text for better reading.

Settings for Song-Page options are shown as separate pages for better usability.


Reimport of existing PDF files failed. Bug fixed.

Performance issue when deleting multiple songs of a playlist. Bug fixed.

Exporting text files to PDF caused some strange outputs depending on the content of the text file. Bug fixed.

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