Release 44 (3.5.11)


Index indicator

When working with long playlists (or also on the “All Songs” page) you can use semantic zoom (by tapping a header line) for faster navigation.
With the new release you see this index automatically on top or side of the playlist. Via the settings of SongRepertoire you can disable this feature if not needed.

Mark song as played

You now can mark a song as played.
You can do this via the bottom menu when selecting on or more songs in a playlist or with a new function in the side menu of the song page.
“Played” songs are marked in the playlist.
As soon as one song is marked as “played” you see additional information in the header of the playlist page:
Number of remaining songs as well as the total duration of the remaining songs.
You can click or tap this information to get additional data. When you restart SongRepertoire all “played” markers are deleted.

Assign songs to other playlists

A new function in the bottom menu of a playlist and the “All Songs” page allows you to assign one or multiple songs directly to another playlist.
You can also create a new playlist directly from this function.

Direct navigation to “All Songs” page

There is a new function in the side menu of playlists to directly switch to the “All Songs” list.

Save last sort order of playlists

When changing the sort order of playlists the latest used value is now saved to the playlist.
Opening the playlist the next time this sort order will be set automatically.

Export playlist as text file or to clipboard

When copying the playlist to a text file or to the clipboard the result contains more information about the playlist:
Title, number of songs and length and all block headers.

Block header of playlist visible in song list on song page.

If you have grouped your playlist with block headers you now also see them in the song list directly on the song page.

Indicator for songs without length information

SongRepertoire uses the length information of the songs of a playlist to calculate the duration of the playlist and of single blocks.
If you have songs without length data you see the number of these songs as information in the playlist subtitle (behind the number of songs). Affected songs are also marked with a small red exclamation mark.

Hide length information

As mentioned above SongRepertoire uses the length information of songs in playlists.
If you do not want to use this information and hide it in playlists there is a new option in the general settings of SongRepertoire to ignore this data.

Tapping title of playlist page

When tapping or clicking the title of the playlist page SongRepertoire now opens the dialog to edit the properties of the playlist.

Menu structure modified

To improve the usability a few changes has been made to the structure of the side menu of the playlist page.


Crop and rotate single PDF pages

When viewing a PDF document, you can now open an editor from the song page. This allows you to rotate or crop single pages.

Crop and rotate image files

The same function to rotate and crop pages of a PDF document is also available for image files. You can open this editor also from the side menu of the song page.
You can also use this function for example for scanned music sheets.

Export text sheets including annotations

When exporting music sheets based on text files (or chord-pro) to a PDF file, SongRepertoire ignored the available annotations due to some technical limitations (font handling in PDF)
There is a new option in the warning message to include these annotations (even if maybe on wrong position!).

Fade out audio when stopped

When you stop the playback it now fades out instead of immediate stopping.

Margin on song page

There is a new function in the side menu of the song page to define the margin used in the viewers.

Improvement Auto-Scrolling

Performance improvement, usage of device resources reduced.

Tapping title of song page

When tapping or clicking the title of the song page SongRepertoire now opens the dialog to edit the song properties.

Menu structure modified

To improve the usability a few changes has been made to the structure of the side menu of the song page.

Also, there is a context menu directly on the chord viewer opened with right-click or tap-and-hold.


Percussion sound using Midi

Within the audio settings of the metronome there is a new option to play a percussion sound using your soundcard´s Midi device.

Wrong tempo

The metronome ticked with a wrong tempo, especially when used with higher BPM.
The used timer – that caused the problem – has been changed to a more precise mechanism.

Music sheet editor

SongRepertoire contains a simple editor to manipulate text or chord-pro files. This editor got two new features:

Transpose for selected area

You can now select a part of the text in the editor. When using the transpose function only the chord symbols of the selected area are changed.

Better keyboard support

To insert existing chord symbols, you currently had the option to select them from a list shown on the right side of the editor. Therefor you needed to use the mouse.
The new version allows you to press Alt + the first letter of an already available chord symbol. This will insert the chord at the current position.
If the cursor is positioned within a chord symbol pressing the shortcut will replace the current chord with the selected.
If you have multiple chords beginning with the same letter (e.g. [A], [A7], …) pressing the shortcut selects these chord symbols one by one.


Song filter

SongRepertoire provides a search box on top of the playlist page and the song page. Currently entering the first letter starts the filter mechanism. If your playlist contains many songs this may produce a short or longer delay caused by the refresh of the UI.
There is a new option in the settings page of SongRepertoire to control this behavior:
First you can completely turn the auto-filtering off. In that case you need to press the enter key to start the filter mechanism.
Second you can define the minimum number of entered letters to start the auto-filter for better perform and usability.

Menu layout modified

All context menu entries are also showing additional comments now. There is also a function within the context menu to hide or show this information.


SongRepertoire crashed when trying to delete a PDF music sheet from the song page. Bug fixed

When exporting text files as PDF the wrong font has been used for the lyrics.

When moving the mouse over a button the color changed to black and the button was not readable anymore. Bug fixed

A few other minor fixes.

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