Release 45 (3.5.13)


Red exclamation mark before songs

With the previous release we added the option to calculate the length of a playlist. To identify songs without length information the playlists are showing these items marked with a red exclamation mark left to the song title.
This caused a lot of questions and irritation. Therefor the functionality has been changed:
In the title panel of the playlist page you can see the number of songs and total duration in the second line. If there are songs without length information you can see the number of affected songs in brackets behind the total number of songs. By tapping or clicking this information you get an additional popup showing more details about the playlist.
Here you find a toggle switch to temporary showing the red exclamation mark.

Format of playlist length

SongRepertoire shows the total length of the playlist in the playlist title. The format has been changed from minutes:seconds to hours:minutes:seconds.

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