Release 51 (4.3.15)

(including Release 47 – 50)

Performance Playlist page

If you have a playlist with a large number of songs (e.g. > 1000) the performance for scrolling, searching and navigation has been improved.

Crash Logs

For better support activated Microsoft AppCenter to collect crash data.


When adding a music sheet that already is assigned to a song, SongRepertoire asks you if it should replace the content of this song.
In certain situations SongRepertoire crashed while this replacement process.

The ChordPro viewer supports a vertical bar symbol: |
The previous version of SongRepertoire removed the symbols when showing music sheets.

When running on older versions of Windows SongRepertoire sometimes crashed when the user enters search terms into the search box.

Dragging Songs to the bottom of a playlist caused crashes on some versions of Windows.

2 thoughts on “Release 51 (4.3.15)

  1. Louis La haye says:

    I have noticed that some blank pages are added to my songs. How can I fix this? I mostly transfer pdf files from
    ultimate guitar website and la boite a chanson.

    Also can I use a pedal to help control the scrolling, etc?

    • Gernot says:

      Hi Louis.

      Regarding the issue with the blank pages:
      could you please export such a song (song page, left side menu, save function, local file) and send it to me via mail at

      Yes, you can use any pedal that simulates keyboard inputs (like almost all Bluetooth pedals are doing). In SongRepertoire you can setup HotKeys and easily map them with your pedals. One of these HotKeys is start/stop autoscrolling, another one would be increase/decrease scrolling speed.
      I´ll add another document that explains the setup mechanism.

      Best regards, Gernot

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