Release 73 (10.9.3)

Voice control to select songs.

New search icon in the title bar of the Song page to start voice search for songs.

Tap the vocal search button, speak a song title, name of the interpret or tags into the mic of your device and open the matching song from your collection.

SongRepertoire - voice search

Sometimes pretty exciting when playing with your band mates… I know what I am talking about 🙂 btw: greetings to Freddy and Willi!

Convert web link to ChordPro content

SongRepertoire - convert web content

Directly convert content of a selected web page to ChordPro music sheet.

Copy the link to the clipboard, go back to SongRepertoire. If possible, we convert the content to a ChordPro document and let you add it as new song or music sheet.

Layout of functions of SongPage title bar.

To improve usability on the Song page the look and feel of the favorites and search button has been changed.

Minor changes and fixes.

Changed the look and feel of the release information page, reduced the number of available fonts for the ChordPro viewer (as preparation for better PDF export in future). And a few more minor changes and fixes.

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