Add songs to playlists

When opening a playlist without assigned songs you will see the following information:

SongRepertoire add songs to playlist

Typically, you will select songs that are already in your collection. For this option just press “Select from All Songs” (1).
This option allows you to insert existing songs by drag-and-drop.
Details: Manage playlist content

If you want to add new songs to this playlist (e.g. import PDF documents, ChordPro files, SongRepertoire backup files, …) click the “more options…” link (2).

This will show all other functions to add new songs to SongRepertoire.

SongRepertoire add songs to playlist

Import local files:
Use this function to import existing music sheets (like PDF, text, ChordPro, images or Guitar Pro files).
If you have backup files of SongRepertoire songs (file extension .srssf) you also can import them here.

Take a picture:
Use the camera of your device to take a picture and import it as new song.

Add an external link:
Create a song based on a web link. The web page is shown with the integrated web browser of SongRepertoire.

Create an empty music sheet:
Select templates (e.g. tab or note sheet) to write content with the pen of your device.

Open integrated text editor:
Creates a new song and automatically opens the integrated text editor to edit the text or ChordPro content.

Empty song:
Just inserts the song with its title and interpret to your playlist. You can add music sheets or playbacks later at the song page.

Insert notes:
Allows you to add notes or memos in between songs.

After adding one or more songs this information and the buttons will be hidden and you will see your selected songs on the page.
Then you can use the Add button in the left side menu (2).

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