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Favorites list

If you have a lot of songs and want to concentrate just on a few of them you can manually create a playlist and assign these songs. But you can also use the SongRepertoire favorites list. This list is automatically created by SongRepertoire, but provides all the features as a normal playlist. Like for example […]

Add songs to playlists

When opening a playlist without assigned songs you will see the following information: Typically, you will select songs that are already in your collection. For this option just press “Select from All Songs” (1).This option allows you to insert existing songs by drag-and-drop.Details: Manage playlist content If you want to add new songs to this […]

Manage playlist content

A playlist in SongRepertoire contains songs of your collection ordered the way you need it. You can also add blocks to structure your playlist. Depending on your settings and the available data playlists can also calculate duration of blocks of the whole set. If not yet done, you need to add a new playlist.Details: Add […]

Marking songs and playlists as modified

SongRepertoire automatically marks songs or playlists as modified if you are changing relevant data. Setting such a mark writes the song or playlist data to your local storage folder and also saves the date and time of the latest modification as well as the name of the device and the user. The following situations are […]