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Select and move annotations

Starting with release 5.2.2 (deployed February 2020) you now can select and move annotations written on your music sheets. Simply select a song with annotations and open the left side menu on the song page. In the annotations panel you can find a new button to switch to selection mode (1): Use your pen to […]

Add songs to playlists

When opening a playlist without assigned songs you will see the following information: Typically, you will select songs that are already in your collection. For this option just press “Select from All Songs” (1).This option allows you to insert existing songs by drag-and-drop.Details: Manage playlist content If you want to add new songs to this […]

Marking songs and playlists as modified

SongRepertoire automatically marks songs or playlists as modified if you are changing relevant data. Setting such a mark writes the song or playlist data to your local storage folder and also saves the date and time of the latest modification as well as the name of the device and the user. The following situations are […]

Synchronizing songs and playlists

Eventually you want to synchronize your songs and playlists between various devices. For example you are creating songs or playlists on your desktop and using a tablet when playing and eventually a second tablet as backup device. Or you want to backup your data to another folder or even a cloud storage. By the way: […]

Setting the storage folder for songs and playlists

By default SongRepertoire saves your songs, music sheets, playbacks and playlists in the local folder of SongRepertoire. This folder is automatically assigned by Microsoft when installing SongRepertoire from the store.Typically the path will be something like this: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\61445GernotKnes.SongRepertoire_h5yhf1ke2p6xc\LocalState You can change this default folder by opening the settings page of SongRepertoire and select the General […]