Synchronizing songs and playlists

Eventually you want to synchronize your songs and playlists between various devices. For example you are creating songs or playlists on your desktop and using a tablet when playing and eventually a second tablet as backup device.

Or you want to backup your data to another folder or even a cloud storage.

By the way: a good backup strategy is absolutely essential!

You can solve both requests by using external services like OneDrive, Dropbox or any other tool that offers monitoring and synchronization of folders and files.

Simply change the local storage folder of SongRepertoire in the app settings to a folder that is managed by these services.
Details: How to set the storage folder of SongRepertoire.


If you are selecting a folder managed by OneDrive you need to check the OneDrive settings:

You must disable the On-Demand options for this folder!

Otherwise you may have no access to music sheets, annotations, playlists or playbacks if you have no internet connection.
Also if later changing the local folder a second time you may loose content, because it is not available for copying it to the new folder.

Find more information here:
On-Demand settings for OneDrive files
On-Demand settings for OneDrive files (German)

From that moment on every change will automatically be synchronized between connected devices and typically also saved to a cloud storage provided by these services.

You can also use this setup to synchronize your songs and playlists with devices of your band mates if all of you are using a shared folder (also something managed by these external services).

If you are editing the same song or playlist on two or more devices at the same time this may cause conflicts with the sync services described above!

In the SongRepertoire settings there is a section where you can define which changes are saved to the playlist or song data automatically. By adopting these flags you can reduce the potential of conflicts.

Details: Modification flags for songs and playlists.

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