Setting the storage folder for songs and playlists

By default SongRepertoire saves your songs, music sheets, playbacks and playlists in the local folder of SongRepertoire. This folder is automatically assigned by Microsoft when installing SongRepertoire from the store.
Typically the path will be something like this:


You can change this default folder by opening the settings page of SongRepertoire and select the General Settings page in the side menu (1).

SongRepertoire - settings local folder
SongRepertoire – settings local folder

In the “Local Storage Folder” area change the settings from “Default” to “Custom”. In the following dialog you can create or select your new target folder.

If you have already added songs and playlists to SongRepertoire the data will be moved to the new folder.

If there are songs in SongRepertoire and the new target folder also contains SongRepertoire data a message box will be shown with the following options:

  • Clear the new target folder and only use the songs in SongRepertoire
  • Only use the songs in the new folder and remove songs in SongRepertoire
  • Merge songs and playlists of both folders

By the way:
If you want to synchronize your songs and playlists between different devices or enable some kind of automatically backup think about managing the local folder by services like OneDrive or Dropbox.

Find out more about synchronizing and backup.

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