Marking songs and playlists as modified

SongRepertoire automatically marks songs or playlists as modified if you are changing relevant data.

Setting such a mark writes the song or playlist data to your local storage folder and also saves the date and time of the latest modification as well as the name of the device and the user.

The following situations are triggering this action:


  • Adding or deleting a playlist
  • Editing playlist properties (currently the title of the playlist)
  • Adding or removing songs or blocks from a playlist
  • Changing the order of the songs or blocks within a playlist
  • Changing the used type of the sort order (optional)


  • Adding or deleting a song
  • Editing song properties (e.g. title, interpret, key, tempo, …)
  • Adding or deleting music sheets, playback files or bookmarks
  • Changing sort order of music sheets or bookmarks
  • Editing of annotations on your music sheets
  • Changing the selected (default) music sheet of the song (optional)
  • Modifying the zoom or start position within a music sheet (optional)
  • Changing the selected (default) playback file of the song (optional)
  • All events marked as optional can be changed in the settings of SongRepertoire.

Open the settings of SongRepertoire and select the General Settings page. Navigate to the “Modification flags” section and enable or disable optional events.

By default all these events are enabled.

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