Beta-Release 21 (5.2.2)

License terms modified

Due to the new licensing model for new customers (see below) the license terms of SongRepertoire has been changed. No changes if you already bought a license of SongRepertoire prior to this update.


New function to select all annotations on one page (“select all” – Button). Currently not supported for PDF documents!

Midi sounds of metronome

Via SongRepertoire settings you now can select the Midi channel and notes for the metronome of SongRepertoire when using the Midi option.

MIDIMAX interface

Interface and data exchange for MIDIMAX software added.

Copy new created Playlist

There was a bug when copying new created playlists (e.g. defined blocks got lost). Fixed.


The licensing model changed from one time payment to a subscription model. Only new customers are effected. If you already bought SongRepertoire prior to this update you can use it like before without any additional costs.

Beta-Release 19 (4.4.29)

Bugfix text/ChordPro viewer

The version of the text or ChordPro viewer in version 4.4.28 calculated the width of blank text parts differently to previous versions. Fixed.

Beta-Release 18 (4.4.28)

Rework of ChordPro viewer

The viewer for text files has been changed to a completely new version. It supports now various ChordPro directives. For example to mark text as verse (1), chorus (2), bridge (3), etc.
Based on the settings of SongRepertoire you can control the layout of such parts.

SongRepertoire - ChordPro viewer

Because of the new developed text viewer annotations may be moved a few pixels from their original position. This depends on used fonts, font size and length of the music sheet.
If necessary you can now select annotations and move them on the page.

ChordPro viewer settings

Changing settings of ChordPro or text viewer is now done directly on the song page (1).

SongRepertoire - on-screen Text and ChordPro viewer settings

Depending on the type of the text file (with or without chord symbols like [C] etc. or includes ChordPro directives like {soc etc.) you get various options to control the layout of chord viewer.

To better see the effect of your changes they are immediately shown as preview on the currently selected music sheet.

As you now set the options directly on the song page all options for the text viewer have been removed from the settings pages of SongRepertoire.

Changing font settings on pages with annotations

If you are changing the font or font size of lyrics and chord symbols the lines may be on different positions of your music sheet. But existing annotations will keep their position. So your annotations me be on wrong places.

Therefor previous releases of SongRepertoire used the new font settings only on songs without annotations and kept the old settings for all other music sheets. It was not possible to apply such new font settings without removing all annotations from the music sheet.

With this update SongRepertoire still keeps the old font settings within the music sheet if there are annotations available. But you can now open the text viewer settings on the song page. This will apply the new settings as a preview. You can then decide if you want to use them or not.

If necessary you now can also select annotations and move them on the music sheet.

Support for Guitar Pro files

You now can also add Guitar Pro files as music sheet. Due to technical and legal reasons SongRepertoire is not rendering these files internal. If you select a Guitar Pro file on the song page (1) it is automatically opened with your local installation of Guitar Pro (2).

SongRepertoire - support for Guitar Pro files

Remark: you need a license of Guitar Pro to open these type of files.
If you do not have one you can buy it here…


The ink toolbar on the song page has a new option to select annotations (1). You then can select (2) and move annotations on your music sheet.

Therefor the undo and redo buttons have been moved into a sub menu (3).

SongRepertoire - select and move annotations

The last selected settings for pen or marker (color and size) are now saved. Opening SongRepertoire the next time these settings are used.

Pdf viewer settings

The settings for the PDF viewer are now also handled directly on the Song page (1) including a kind of preview function.

SongRepertoire - on-screen PDF viewer settings

Therefor the PDF settings has been removed from the general settings pages of SongRepertoire.

Tempo settings for Auto-Scrolling

The UI for the auto scrolling speed has been adopted for better usability (1). Instead of the circular control it is now shown as bigger linear slider (2).

SongRepertoire - new UI for auto-scrolling speed

Adding or importing songs

In previous releases of SongRepertoire you had two functions to add songs to your collection: create new songs (e.g. by importing existing music sheets or with empty templates etc.) or import SongRepertoire backup files.

These functions are now combined in one “Import or create songs”:
Importing SongRepertoire backup files is now handled the same way as importing other music sheets like PDF or ChordPro by choosing the function “Add song” (1) and “Import or create songs” (2) on the All Songs page or on a playlist page.

SongRepertoire - importing backup files

Then select “Import local files” (3) in the “Add song” dialog.

SongRepertoire - importing backup files

Here you can choose all supported file types of SongRepertoire (1) (2) including backup files with the extension “.srssf” (3).

SongRepertoire - importing backup files

Import ChordPro files

When importing multiple ChordPro files SongRepertoire tries to get the following information from the meta data and uses them in the songs:

Integrated text editor

When copying text into the text editor previous versions of SongRepertoire tried to convert chord symbols to the ChordPro format. This automatic feature is not available anymore.

The new release now has a toolbar in the title area of the editor page (1).

SongRepertoire - new toolbar in text editor

When enabled you can use it to start this function now when needed by using the “Tools” section (2).

SongRepertoire - new toolbar in text editor

The toolbar also has functions to insert or mark text blocks with ChordPro directives like for example chorus ({start_of_chorus} … {end_of_chorus}) etc.
To mark a block as chorus select the lines in the editor and select the “chorus” function. The ChordPro directives will automatically be added to the beginning and end of the selected text.

Playback on text editor

You now can also start or stop the selected audio file directly on the editor page. In the settings area of SongRepertoire you can disable this feature if you do not need it.

Use Ctrl+Space to start or stop the playback and Ctrl+Backspace to skip three seconds back.

Reset playlist sort order

When on a playlist you have a new function to reset the order of your songs by interpret or title (1) (2).

SongRepertoire - reset sort order of playlist

Currently you can reorder the playlist by title or interpret. Available blocks of the playlist are removed.

Export playlist content

Exports of a playlist as text file or to the clipboard also contains now the tempo and the key of the songs.

Select OneDrive managed folder as local storage folder

Since the previous update you can change the local storage folder of SongRepertoire. If you are now selecting a folder managed by OneDrive SongRepertoire shows a warning to check the OneDrive settings.

You must deactivate the ‘Files On-Demand’ settings for this folder! Otherwise sync handling my not work on other devices.

Various usability and UI changes

Structure of functions and menus modified (e.g. in side menus and context menu of chord viewers) for better usability.

When you start the function to save a playlist to a external file SongRepertoire now asks if you also want to export all songs of the playlist.

Setting the visibility options for the song list on the song page is now handled directly on the song page and not in the settings pages of SongRepertoire.

Performance improvement when first opening the song page.

Performance improvement when opening filtered song lists.

Various bug fixes

Dragging songs on a playlist sometimes caused a crash. Fixed.

Leading blanks in lines of text or ChordPro files has been removed. Fixed.

Copy and paste in the text editor sometimes doubled the text. Fixed.

Exporting a playlist with blocks and a default block header crashed. Fixed.

Add existing music sheet and replace in existing songs sometimes caused a crash. Fixed.

Updated external code libraries as some of them caused a crash on specific Windows versions.

Crash when opening the settings page at one users device. Fixed.

Last change date of songs has been set to often and in some situations even on startup of SongRepertoire. Fixed.

If the access to OneDrive causes an error pressing the save button in the download dialog caused a crash. Fixed.

Setting the metronomes default state to ‘maximized’ has not worked. Fixed.

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