Release 56 (4.3.21)

Changing local root folder of SongRepertoire

Via the settings of SongRepertoire you can change the local root folder.

If you are selecting a folder synchronized by OneDrive you must DISABLE THE ‘ON-DEMAND’ OPTIONS for this folder!

Otherwise SongRepertoire may not be able to access music sheets, annotations, playbacks or playlists.

Find more details here…

Update external libraries

There have been some crashes caused by older external libraries (e.g. PDF viewer). This issues are fixed with updated libraries.

Error loading songs at startup

Users got errors at startup of the application that some song files cannot be loaded.
The error was caused by an update in a Windows library creating the XML file for the songs meta data.
Error only occurred if the song has an ampersand symbol (&) in the title, interpret, tags or names of added files.

While this was no problem for the older Windows library the newer one handles this data as an error (correct in terms of XML syntax). Therefor it was not able to load the song data.

The problem has been fixed by a workaround in SongRepertoire.

Crash when opening settings page

A user reported a crash as soon as he tries to open the settings of SongRepertoire.

The cash was caused by an error of the Windows API when trying to access the ambient light sensor of the device.

Fixed by workaround in SongRepertoire.

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