Select and move annotations

Starting with release 5.2.2 (deployed February 2020) you now can select and move annotations written on your music sheets.

Simply select a song with annotations and open the left side menu on the song page.
In the annotations panel you can find a new button to switch to selection mode (1):

Use your pen to draw a line around the annotations you want to move. Or enable selection with mouse or touch by turning on the related toggle switches (‘write with mouse’ or ‘write with touch’).

When you finished drawing the selected annotations are getting marked by a surrounding rectangle (2):

Now you can move all selected annotations by dragging them with your pen, mouse or touch (3).

To select all annotations of a music sheet at once click the ‘Select all strokes’ button in the annotations panel (4).
This will automatically select all annotations added to the selected music sheet (5):

This function is only available for text based music sheets or images. ‘Select all strokes’ is currently not supported for PDF documents. Here you need to select your annotations by hand (as described above).

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