Add web link to song

In addition to music sheets based on PDF or text documents or images you can also add web links to a song. The links are handled as normal music sheets and shown in the music sheet panel on the song page.

Depending on the settings of the single links you can view them with the integrated web browser in SongRepertoire or open them in an external viewer on your device.

You can create a complete new song based on a web link or you can add it as music sheet to an existing song.

In both cases select the option “Add an external Link”:

Create new song dialog

When started from the “Add Song” option the second page will look like this:

SongRepertoire - Add Link
Create new song dialog – add Link dialog

You can enter search terms into the link text box or insert a full web link (1). By tapping the search button or pressing enter SongRepertoire starts a search with your terms and shows the results. In case of a full web link it is automatically opened in the integrated browser below.

The result of the web search is shown in the browser below (1). The integrated browser works like any other standard web browser.
For example click onto the YouTube result and the video will be opened (2).

As soon as you are navigating to another page the web page title will be shown on top of the integrated browser (1).
This title will be used as name of the music sheet on your songs page.

Now enter the data of your song (2). Title is mandatory, all other fields are optional.

By pressing the Save button (3) a new song is added to your collection in SongRepertoire and automatically opened.

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