Manage playlist content

A playlist in SongRepertoire contains songs of your collection ordered the way you need it. You can also add blocks to structure your playlist.

Depending on your settings and the available data playlists can also calculate duration of blocks of the whole set.

If not yet done, you need to add a new playlist.
Details: Add a playlist.

Assign existing songs

If you already have songs in your SongRepertoire collection use the option “Insert songs from your collection” on the various add songs functions:

More details about the “Add songs” function: Add songs to playlists

The playlist page now also shows the list of all songs in your SongRepertoire collection on the right side of the screen:

You can now drag-and-drop one song from the right list directly to the playlist panel on the left.
To assign multiple songs in one step select them by clicking the check-box left to the name of the song (1) and also drag them to the playlist on the left side.

To navigate directly to specific songs you can use the vertical index right of the songs list (2).
It is also possible to select another sort order for the source list (3). Default setting is the title of the song.
At last you can filter the songs list by entering a search term into the search-box on top of the source list (4).

As soon as you have added a song to the playlist it gets greyed out in the source list (1):

By selecting the function “Show assigned songs” (2) in the bottom menu bar you can change this behavior to one of the following options:

  • hide songs – hide already assigned songs in the source list
  • fade out songs – fade them out (as in the screenshot above)
  • show songs – already assigned songs are shown as any other song

Grouping your playlist with blocks

Blocks are used to group your playlist. They are also showing the number of songs, the length all songs in the block and information about played or not played songs.

Use the block item in bottom menu to add a block header to your playlist:

If you just click the block item (1) it adds a block at the end of the list.
But you can also drag-and-drop this item to the target position in the playlist.
In both ways a popup for entering the blocks label will be shown:

Enter a name for the block (1) and press the Apply button (2).

The block is added to the selected position (1).
Automatically there is also added a “Default-Block” at the top of the list.

Right to the block labels you see the number of songs and the calculated duration based on the length information of the assigned songs.

Songs without length information

The information “(1!)” beside the number of songs of “Block1” shows that there is one song without valid length information in this block.

To find these songs click onto the length information in the header of the playlist (1):

This opens a popup (2) showing more details about the length of the playlist.
At the bottom there are two options.
Turn on “Show marker for songs without length” (3) and close the popup by clicking a position outside of it.

Now you see a small red exclamation mark left to the affected songs (1).

You can use this popup also to generally turn off the calculation of playlist length information, if you do not need it.

Add new songs

The same way you are adding blocks to a playlist you can add new songs not yet in your collection by using the “new song” item in the bottom menu:

Click the “new song” item (1) to add a new song to the end of the list or drag it to the selected target position.
Both actions will open the “Add song” dialog. In our example we decide to insert an empty template (1) for a guitar tab sheet:

This opens the specific page to select an empty template:

Then we enter the song data like title or interpret (1), select the template for a guitar tab sheet (2) and add the new song by pressing the Save button (3).

The new song is automatically added to the playlist (1) and also shown in the source list to the right (2).

Remove songs from playlist

You can also use drag-and-drop to remove songs from the target playlist.

Just click the song and drag it to the left side menu (1). You will see the information “Remove items from list”. Drop the song to the side menu and it will be removed from the playlist.

If you select one or more songs by clicking the check-box left to the songs title (1)(2), you get additional functions in the bottom-menu (3):

Remove just takes the song off the playlist.

Delete song physically deletes the song from your SongRepertoire collection. Please be aware that there is no undo functionality to recreate deleted songs!

Reordering songs

If you have assigned songs to your playlist you can reorder them by drag-and-drop. Selecting more than one song is also supported.
If you have defined blocks and you want to move all songs of a block select the check-box left to the block title. This automatically selects all songs of the block.

Close playlist management mode

To close this management mode click the “Close list” button (1) in the bottom menu or the back-button (2) in the left side menu:

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