Favorites list

If you have a lot of songs and want to concentrate just on a few of them you can manually create a playlist and assign these songs.

But you can also use the SongRepertoire favorites list. This list is automatically created by SongRepertoire, but provides all the features as a normal playlist. Like for example define the order of your songs, add blocks or export and import this list.

You can add a song to your favorites list in two ways:

If you are on the song page there is a small favorites star symbol on the right side of the title bar:

SongRepertoire Favorites Option

If you tap/click it, you add or remove the song from your favorites.

If you are located on a playlist or the All Songs page, you can use the bottom menu of these pages:

SongRepertoire Favorites

Select one or more songs in the list (1) and use the functions menu on the bottom of the page to add or remove songs from the favorites list (2).

To open the favorites page simply navigate to the All Songs page.

SongRepertoire Favorites

On the top right corner you see an toggle button (1) that allows you to open or close the favorites mode.

As mentioned above the favorites list supports all functions as normal playlists. You can create your individual order of songs (2) or add blocks (3).

If you want to disable this feature you can turn it off (and on again) in the general settings of SongRepertoire (1):

SongRepertoire Favorites Settings

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