Release 61 (10.1.1)

Outgoing Midi support

SongRepertoire now can send PC and CC Midi messages to connected devices. You can assign one or more messages to a song. When you open this song, SongRepertoire automatically sends the messages to your midi device.

SongRepertoire Midi Messages

You can manage your standard messages in a central Midi library and re-use them within multiple songs.
If you are running SongRepertoire on multiple devices the same Midi messages are used on all of them. But it is possible to select different target Midi devices on every single installation.
If your default Midi device is connected, SongRepertoire will display an alert message. Here you can decide to select another Midi device, disable Midi for the current session or turn it completely off for this device.

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Favorites list

You now can add or remove songs from your personal favorites list directly on the song page or from the list of all your songs.
This automatically creates a favorites list, similar to a manually created playlist.

SongRepertoire Favorites

The functions on this favorites list are the same as on a normal playlist. You can change the sort order by drag and drop or add blocks.
It is also possible to export or import your favorites list.

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Swipe to select next song

On the song page you now can use a horizontal swipe gesture on the shown music sheet to move to the next or previous song.

SongRepertoire Swipe

This feature is currently available for all types of chord files except web links and when using the paged view mode for PDF documents.

Notes or memos

Eventually you want to add notes/memos between the songs of a playlist – for example a few keywords when welcoming the audience, etc.
In the past you may have added a song to your playlist and used it for such issues.
The new release now supports a new type of item for your playlists called “Notes”. You can use the integrated text editor or your pen to add annotations.

SongRepertoire Notes Editor

These notes are not shown in the list of all your songs and only available in your playlists.

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Display block details on song page

On the song page you can navigate through a playlist by selecting the next or previous song button. Before this change, when starting from a playlist that contains block headers, this information has been ignored. So you have not seen that you were moving from the last song of one block to the first song of the next block.
SongRepertoire now also shows the block data between these two songs.
You see the list of songs of the next block and the length of the block.

SongRepertoire Block Details on Song Page

By tapping a song of the list you can even use it to directly navigate to this song.

Startup performance

To improve the startup performance SongRepertoire now handles the song metadata in a local database file on your devices.
When navigating to the list of all your songs or opening a playlist, the complete song data is loaded in the background. You can see this process on a progress bar on the bottom of the screen.
With the first start of SongRepertoire after the update this database is created. From then on, the startup performance will be much higher.

Lock song page when writing annotations

When writing multiple or longer annotations (for example using the note sheet template and writing your music) touching the screen with your hand sometimes causes unintended scrolling.
You can now lock the song page manually when starting to write and unlock it at the end.

SongRepertoire Lock Song Page

Hide functions in side menu of song page

Eventually you do not use all functions that are provided in the side menu of the song page (e.g. bookmarks, annotations, …).
Using the settings of SongRepertoire you now can hide selected functions in this menu.

SongRepertoire Visible Functions on Song Page

Copy playlist directly on playlist page

When you are on the playlist page you can use a new function to directly create a copy of the current selected playlist.

SongRepertoire Copy Playlist

Copy selected music sheet to the clipboard

A new function on the song page allows you to copy the file of the currently shown music sheet directly to the clipboard.

SongRepertoire Copy music sheet to clipboard

Annotations are not copied, because they are saved in an additional file. If you want to save music sheets with their annotations, you need to export them as PDF document.

New HotKey

There is a new HotKey to stop the playback and the auto-scrolling at the same time.

SongRepertoire new hotkey

Keep auto-scrolling when selecting next song

It is now possible to start the auto-scrolling manually at one song and automatically start it when selecting the next song.
This feature needs to be activated via the settings of SongRepertoire.

SongRepertoire Continue Auto-Scrolling

Convert keywords of music sheets to ChordPro directives

When you copy and paste music sheets of a web page (typically chord files) they often contain keywords like [Chorus], [Verse] or [Bridge].
The text editor of SongRepertoire now can convert these keywords automatically to the correct ChordPro directives (e.g. {soc}/{eoc} etc.).

Other changes on playlist page

If the playlist is empty all available functions to add songs are directly shown on the playlist page.
The context menu is also available on empty playlists.
When importing an already existing playlist you can decide which one to use.
If you select a block and all its assigned songs you now can move all selected items via drag and drop to another position.

Other changes on song page

The full screen mode now shows the song title and interpret in the window title bar.

Fixes of the following issues

Various UI changes
Better quality when exporting text content to PDF

Dragging the default block header of a playlist caused a crash.
Visibility of the playback panel on the song page sometimes was wrong.
Visibility of scroll buttons on the song page sometimes was wrong.
Search box on the song page sometimes showed no results.
Closing the app directly on the settings page does not save modified values.
Refresh number of music sheets, audio files and bookmarks not working when adding new content.
Import a song backup file to a playlist where it already is assigned added it a second time to the playlist.

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